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New Licensee Recognition Ceremony (December 2019)

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 00:00
Certified architects

Architect Honorees: (in alphabetical order) Michael Parker Anderson, Kwayera Lakei Franklin, Michael Grote (not pictured), Landon Gray Kennedy (not pictured), Beau Swetman LeBatard (not pictured), Benjamin Marshall (not pictured), Christopher S. Pitts (not pictured), Heidi Schattin, Fernanda Alves Silva, Daniel Splaingard (not pictured), Taylor Stewart, Ethan Warren.

Certified landscape architects Landscape Architect Honorees: (in alphabetical order) Marcus Cole Gatlin, Jordan Rae Hillman, Brian Collins Howell (not pictured), William Richard Martin III (not pictured), Raymond Carter Smith (not pictured), Justin Stockman.
Certified Interior Designers Certified Interior Designer Honorees:  (in alphabetical order) Brandy Sobley Abruzzo (not pictured), Erin Alford, Anna Allen, Timothy G. Geddie.