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Notice to Architect Applicants: If you are offering or proposing architectural services prior to licensure, please review the requirements for solicitation prior to licensure in Rule 2.7. Individuals meeting the conditions of Rule 2.7 are prohibited from rendering additional architectural services beyond the offer or proposal until the individual has an active license.

New Licensee Recognition Ceremony (December 2021)

Wed, 12/08/2021 - 00:00

The following new registrants were recognized at the Board's New Licensee Recognition Ceremony in Jackson on December 7, 2021.

Architects 2021 Ceremony

Architect Honorees: (in alphabetical order) Ryan H. Ashford, Ashley Bankston, Lacie Carole Gibson, Nicholas Kyle Jackson (not pictured), Samantha Alyx King, Carolyn Ladner, Justin Parker, Taylor Andrew Poole, Paul M. Purser, Jared Robinson, Marion Ralph Snowden IV (not pictured), Tray Strawhorn (not pictured), John Kyle Stribling (not pictured), Amy Trim (not pictured), William D. Whittle (not pictured), Eric Gerard Zmitrovich.

Landscape Architects 2021 Ceremony

Landscape Architect Honorees: (in alphabetical order) Susan Emily Finley (not pictured), Bradley Russell Jones (not pictured), William Weiti Lien (not pictured), William Bennett Smithhart (not pictured), Abbey Wallace, Tracy A. Wyman.

Interior Designers 2021 Ceremony

Certified Interior Designer Honorees: (in alphabetical order) K. Taylor Claussen (not pictured), Mary Sanders Ferriss, Jennifer L. Glass (not pictured), Claudia Ann Hymel (not pictured), Amy Catherine Wilson.