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Notice to Architect Applicants: If you are offering or proposing architectural services prior to licensure, please review the requirements for solicitation prior to licensure in Rule 2.7. Individuals meeting the conditions of Rule 2.7 are prohibited from rendering additional architectural services beyond the offer or proposal until the individual has an active license.

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Questions

What are the requirements for registration in Mississippi?

Please see “Applications & Instructions” for each profession on the Board’s website for information on registration requirements.

What is the average processing time for applications?

Complete applications are normally processed in 3 weeks or less.

Can I get a temporary license?

Mississippi law does not allow for temporary licensure except in certain cases for applicants who are members of the military or who are married to or a dependent of a member of the military.

Complaint Questions

How do I file a complaint?

Complaints may be submitted on the Board’s complaint form.

How does the complaint process work?

The complaint process is outlined in Chapter 5 of the Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Architecture. The Board, through an investigative committee, will investigate all charges received, and will determine if there is reasonable cause and sufficient evidence to warrant disciplinary action. If so, and charges result, the accused practitioner will receive a notice outlining all the charges, as well as the practitioner's right to a hearing before the Board.

Can the Board help me recover money or property?

No, the Board cannot recover or order the refund of any money or property to which you may be entitled. You should consult your own attorney about a lawsuit in these matters. The Board’s jurisdiction/authority is over its licensees, and in some cases the Board will suspend or revoke the respondent’s license or issue a penalty against the respondent (the person against whom you are complaining).

Can a Board decision be appealed?

A registrant has thirty (30) days from the date of the Board’s decision to appeal pursuant to Miss. Code Ann. §§ 73-1-31 and 73-73-33.

Is disciplinary action available to the public?

Yes. Disciplinary actions against registrants are displayed in the license search system and in Board newsletters. You may also contact the Board office for assistance.

Renewal/Continuing Education Questions

When are registrations renewed?

Architects:  November 30 of odd-numbered years.

Landscape Architects:  December 31 of odd-numbered years.

Certified Interior Designers:  January 31 of even-numbered years.

I am not currently working or seeking work in Mississippi. Must I renew?

No. If you are not working or marketing services in Mississippi, you are not required to renew. Your registration will automatically become inactive upon its expiration.

How many hours of continuing education are required?

Architects: 12 hours every calendar year (all HSW). No carryover hours are allowed.

Landscape Architects: 24 hours every two years (all HSW). No less than 16 hours must be in structured activities. Up to 6 hours may be carried over from the previous reporting period.

Certified Interior Designers: 12 hours every two years (all HSW). No carryover hours are allowed.

Do I need to submit documentation of my hours when I renew?

No. Documentation should only be submitted if you are selected for audit. However, should reinstatement be required, documentation of continuing education hours must be submitted.

What happens if the Board disallows my continuing education hours?

If you are selected for audit, and the Board disallows your claimed credits, architects will be given sixty (60) calendar days (90 calendar days for landscape architects and certified interior designers) to either substantiate the original claim or earn other credit to meet the minimum requirements.

How long do I need to retain my continuing education records?

Architects must retain continuing education records for a period of six (6) years, and landscape architects and certified interior designers must retain such records for two (2) years after submission. Copies must be furnished to the Board for audit verification purposes if requested.

Firm Questions

Does the Board license firms?

No. However, firms may need to be registered with the Mississippi Secretary of State, and architects must comply with the firm structure and firm name requirements outlined in Miss. Code Ann. §73-1-19 and Rules 3.2.1, 3.2.3, and 3.2.12.

Practice Questions

What projects require a licensed architect?

Miss. Code Ann. § 73-1-39 provides that certain buildings do not require an architect:

Publicly Owned Projects

(b) Any person, firm or corporation that prepares plans and specifications for the erection of any buildings owned by the State of Mississippi, or any of its political subdivisions, containing less than ten thousand (10,000) square feet of ground floor area, and not exceeding two (2) stories in height; or any person, firm or corporation that supervises the erection of any such buildings; or to any person, firm or corporation that prepares plans and specifications for, or that supervises repairs, alterations or additions to such existing buildings; provided further that such person, firm or corporation does not in any manner represent himself or itself to be an architect, architectural designer, or employ some other title of profession or business using some form of the word architect; 

Additionally, pursuant to Miss. Code Ann. §73-13-45, public works involving the practice of architecture or engineering in which the expenditure exceeds one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), and construction of public buildings using political subdivision work forces which involve the practice of architecture or engineering and in which the expenditure exceeds one hundred fifty thousand dollars ($150,000), require the services of a registered architect or professional engineer.

Private/Commercial/Other Projects

(h) Any person who prepares plans and specifications for, or supervises the erection, enlargement or alteration of: 

  1. Any building on any farm for the use by any farmer; 
  2. Any one-family or two-family residence buildings, regardless of cost; 
  3. Any domestic outbuilding appurtenant to any one-family or two-family residence, regardless of cost; or 
  4. Any other type building which contains less than five thousand (5,000) square feet and is less than three (3) stories in height.   

A building that is not exempted, per the stipulations outlined above, is a non-exempt building. Construction documents for a non-exempt building must be prepared and sealed by the appropriate licensed design professional.

Does Mississippi allow the use of electronic seals and signatures?

Yes.  Rubber stamp, embossed, transparent self-adhesive, or computer-generated seals may be used.  Architects and landscape architects may also affix an electronic or digital signature to documents.  It is the responsibility of the registrant sealing the document to provide adequate security when documents with electronic seals and/or signatures are distributed.

Do I need to be licensed by the Board to provide landscaping/lawn care services?

The Board does not license landscaping/lawn care businesses or employees; these services are distinct from the practice of landscape architecture.  Depending on the services you offer, you would need to obtain a business license and, possibly, a contractor’s license or a license issued by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce. If you have any questions about those licenses, you may contact the Mississippi State Board of Contractors at 601-354-6161, or the Bureau of Plant Industry at 662-325-3390. Please note that use of the words “landscape” and “landscaping” in a business name is regulated by the Department of Agriculture and Commerce. Depending on the size and scope of the project, the design of certain structures may require a registered architect, engineer, or landscape architect.

Do I need to be certified by the Board to provide interior design services?

The Board does not regulate the practice of interior design, so certification is not required to provide interior design services. Certification is required only to use the title "Mississippi Certified Interior Designer."

How long are registrants required to retain plans?

Our laws and rules are silent on the issue of records retention, and the Board of Architecture has not issued any guidelines or policies on this topic. However, most professional societies recommend that records be retained at least until the statute of repose has passed, which bars actions against registered design professionals after a specified period of time following the completion of services or the substantial completion of construction. In Mississippi, the statute of repose is six (6) years (Miss. Code Ann. § 15-1-41).  This is not a requirement of the Board, but it may provide some general guidance.

General Questions

How do I verify a license?

You may search for and verify licenses on the Board’s website.

How can I obtain a mailing list of registrants?

Rosters may be purchased online here.

How do I update my contact information?

You may update your personal information here.

How do I change my business name or firm affiliation?

Licensed architects or applicants may change the business name or firm associated with their individual record by completing the Business & Firm Verification Form. Out-of-state firms (PCs, PAs and PLLCs) must also provide documents to verify that the firm type and ownership is compliant with the law.

How do I print a certificate of standing?

You may print a certificate of standing here.

What are the license fees?

The fee schedule for architects is available here.

The fee schedule for landscape architects is available here.

The fee schedule for certified interior designers is available here.