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Notice to Architect Applicants: If you are offering or proposing architectural services prior to licensure, please review the requirements for solicitation prior to licensure in Rule 2.7. Individuals meeting the conditions of Rule 2.7 are prohibited from rendering additional architectural services beyond the offer or proposal until the individual has an active license.

Proposed Landscape Architect Rules (May 2024)

Tue, 05/07/2024 - 00:00

Proposed Rules

This is an official notification to all Mississippi-registered landscape architects of important proposed rule changes.  The Landscape Architecture Advisory Committee (LAAC) of the Mississippi State Board of Architecture recently adopted new and revised rules that were filed with the Mississippi Secretary of State on May 7, 2024.  Please review the proposed rules (see link above), which will:

  • Amend Rule 1.2 (Eligibility) to clarify the experience requirements for applicants who do not meet the education requirements.
  • Amend Rule 2.2 (Competence) to clarify that landscape architects shall take into account all applicable federal, state and local building laws and regulations and to clarify that assessment of a physical and/or mental impairment should be performed by an appropriately qualified professional.
  • Amend Rule 2.3 (Conflict of Interest) to clarify that “compensation” shall not mean customary and reasonable business hospitality, entertainment, or product education, and to correct a misspelling.
  • Amend Rule 2.4 (Full Disclosure) to clarify that a landscape architect, when making public statements on landscape architectural questions, shall disclose when the landscape architect is being compensated for making such statements or has an economic interest in the issue; to reorder the actions that a landscape architect must take if the landscape architect becomes aware of a decision that violates applicable federal, state and local building laws and regulations and adversely impacts the health and safety of the public; to state that a landscape architect shall not deliberately make a false statement of a material issue or fail deliberately to disclose a material fact requested in connection with the landscape architect's application for registration or renewal or otherwise lawfully requested by the LAAC; and to amend language regarding reporting of violations.
  • Amend Rule 2.5 (Compliance with the Law) to prohibit offers to pay a commission or other consideration or to make a political contribution or other gift in order to secure work, except for payment made to an employment agency for its services; to require landscape architects to cooperate with the LAAC in its investigation of complaints or possible violations of any statute or rule regulating the practice of landscape architecture; and to state that a landscape architect shall not violate any order of the LAAC.
  • Amend Rule 2.6 (Professional Conduct) to allow landscape architects to sign and seal portions of professional work prepared by registered consultants if the landscape architect has reviewed such portion, has coordinated its preparation and intends to be responsible for its adequacy, and to require landscape architects to be completely objective and truthful and to include all relevant and pertinent information in all professional reports, statements and testimony.
  • Amend Rule 3.1 (Disciplinary Guidelines) to add a penalty guideline for failure to comply with the continuing education requirements.
  • Amend Rule 4.7 (Penalty for Late Units) by striking the current rule title and text and replacing it with language addressing acceptable providers of continuing education.

Most of the proposed changes will bring the rules into greater conformity with the Model Regulations developed by the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB), the rules and regulations of the Mississippi State Board of Architecture, and the Model Rules of Conduct of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB).

The Committee invites your comments or questions regarding the proposed rules.  Send them by email to (or by postal mail to the Board office) by June 7, 2024.