Architect Renewal & Reinstatement


Renewals open on October 1 of odd calendar years, and are due by November 30. In order to renew, architects must acquire 12 hours of HSW continuing education hours (CEHs) in each calendar year. All hours must be in structured settings. Licensees must attest to two years worth of CEHs during the biennial (every two years) renewal. See Chapter 6 of the Rule and Regulations for CE guidelines.

Architect Renewal Application



In order to reinstate a license that has been inactive for more than two years, 24 hours of HSW CEHs must be obtained in the 24 months or the 2 calendar years preceding the date of the reinstatement application. The Board also requires copies of NCARB annual renewals for each year the license was inactive, or, for those who are not NCARB certified or cannot provide NCARB annual updates, a synopsis of work/employment history.

Architect Reinstatement Application​​​​​​​​​


Architects on active military duty, or a person acting on their behalf, should contact the Board office at 601-856-4652 to discuss delayed renewal or reinstatement.

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