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Notice to Architect Applicants: If you are offering or proposing architectural services prior to licensure, please review the requirements for solicitation prior to licensure in Rule 2.7. Individuals meeting the conditions of Rule 2.7 are prohibited from rendering additional architectural services beyond the offer or proposal until the individual has an active license.

Landscape Architect Renewal & Reinstatement


Renewals open on October 1 of odd-numbered calendar years, and are due by December 31. In order to renew, licensees must have acquired 24 hours of HSW continuing education units (CEUs) during the 2-year reporting period. Licensees cannot renew until the required CEUs are obtained. See Chapter 4 of the Rules and Regulations for CE guidelines. Click here for renewal FAQs.

Renewals received after December 31 and before June 1 will incur a $5.00 per month late fee. Failure to renew a license by June 1 will require reinstatement to return to active status per Rule 1.9.

Landscape Architect Renewal Application​ 


In order to reinstate a license that has expired, 24 hours of HSW CEUs must be obtained in the 24 months immediately preceding the date of the reinstatement application. The Board also requires an updated CLARB Council Certificate Record. Those who are not CLARB certified but were initially licensed in Mississippi by examination, or who are unable to acquire a CLARB certificate, may provide a synopsis of work/employment history in lieu of the CLARB record.

Landscape Architect Reinstatement Application​​

Landscape architects on active military duty, or a person acting on their behalf, should contact the Board office at 601-856-4652 to discuss delayed renewal or reinstatement.